A History in the making

Cartoon Illustration

Bo Lister came from obscurity and thrives on the freedom to speak... he is the ultimate “ordinary individual” with a “thought”.

Born to a lower middle class business family, who in turn were born from the “Depression Days”, Bo learned to work hard... but alas... he never paid much attention to money.  Not that it is a sin or against the laws of any nation, Bo had high ideals about helping the world and staying alive.    

In a city (almost) bordering on the Mason Dixon line, Bo Lister was born: alive, male and healthy, according to his birth certificate.  Growing up in a small southern town with ties to family in the far northern territory called “The North”, Bo Lister somehow missed some of the subtle content of living in the south.   

As a young man... actually, he was never a young man, he was just pretending in effort to “fit” into the generation of that era.  After twenty years of playing “fly on the wall” listening and watching people and the world around him, Bo Lister decided to speak up.   

He has often been in the spotlight of the public in “person in the street” interviews as news media constantly struggle to bring “popular” opinion into daily news programs.  Always in disguise, Bo learned the value of popping up quickly when news trucks approached the city streets.   

His profession you ask?  He is a professional “Person” and is diversified as an individual, a character, a personage and a barbecue pit dog.   

If you do not like what you see and have constructive comment... please email.  If you feel you have the need to “bash” and destroy Bo Lister, keep it to yourself.  Comments that border the line of –“gosh that was pretty good.”- are warmly welcomed.  I like living in the same “positive” illusion fantasy everyone else enjoys.  “Hard-knocks build character...” someone once said to me.  My reply was... “I already have more character from those days than most people will have in a life time.”   

We are working on some way to help Bo Lister get out of the “dumps” and on the Internet and welcome any constructive thoughts (no less than Bo can think as an ordinary person on the street) to develop our idea of presentation.  However, we will be plugging away with our own thoughts on the matter as well.   

“Happy days to you and happy thoughts...” at the least have positive fantasies.

Bo Lister.

Bo Lister

"The Age of Reason...really?"

As soon as I finish messing around with setting up cartoons here, I will load up more of my Technical Illustration and 3D samples.

bolister animationBo Lister, is a “pen-name” used when drawing cartoons.  This was not a choice of deception. It was a simple decision to add ”flair” for marketing the cartoons.  Before high school and college, any art classes, art history or consciousness of art... cartoons were a secret venture into drawing for me.  A fun time free of any despair of drawing realistic images.

Originally, Peter Ica was to the name of choice, since it reflected a small humor in the term “pica” using the initial first name for “P.Ica”, (a pica is a unit of measurement in typesetting and graphic publication.  I Thought about agate for a short time based on the same premise, perhaps I should have decided on some variation of A.Gates for agates measure.  (Just a thought?).

The cartoon images shown here come from a two-month period when I was almost... living on the street.  Working remodeling contracts for money, homeowners were gracious to allow me to live in the abandoned homes during construction to add a security presence.  I thank them all for the opportunity they gave me to arise from the obscure while attempting to restart my life, during a desperate career shift.

I hope you enjoy the cartoons.  They are unpublished except for this presentation. I would gladly entertain the idea of returning to my cartoon style if the option is offered, however, I just wanted to show them.  On this site, you will find many areas of drawing, illustration, 3D images, machine design, sculpture and possibly comments on my “ideas” of Art as... where I want to go in the future.